Press Release Writing Guide for Effective Crowdfunding Campaign That Gets Sure Backers

Writing a press release for your crowdfunding campaign can mean fundraising success and getting media coverage. It is important that you know how you can write an effective release that can help you achieve your goals.

When used properly, a release is an important factor to a successful marketing strategy. Doing it right can lead to getting publicity. For Best Press release distribution service for editorial coverage for your crowdfunding project, make sure that you follow the rules.

press release writing

  1. Make the story compelling.

There are tons of crowdfunding releases sent to journalists everyday. To make sure that you stand out from the rest, write your story. Not just a story, but a compelling one.

Keep in mind that individuals and brands are pitching a new idea or a new product to journalists. However, no matter how great your idea or product is, you can’t get enough backers for your project if they don’t see its value or benefits.

You have to make sure that you position your story right. Tell a captivating story. It can be how your idea or product came out, or where it originated. You have to emphasize what your idea or product can provide. In short, tell them what people can get out of it.

A great story can win you a lot of publicity from reporters and news publications. You can earn backers for your campaign, those who will support you financially, so you can go on with your campaign.

  1. Think of an attention-grabbing headline.

When you pitch your story, reporters should see from the first line of your release that it is worthy of their time. They should be convinced that you’re different from the rest of the emails they receive.

It all starts with an attention-grabbing headline. Reporters looking for new stories would pay attention to a strong and newsworthy headline and subject line.

Include fact and benefits in the headline. It should give the readers a hint what they could expect from your release. It should be engaging to invite the readers to read your story.

  1. Include all the significant details.

A press release distribution site review for your crowdfunding campaign is no different from a traditional release. It should have the necessary components to make it easy for journalists to write your story.

Here are parts that should be present in a release:

  • Company logo
  • Media contact
  • Date and release schedule
  • Headline and subheadline
  • Dateline
  • Introduction
  • Body of the release
  • Quotes
  • Boilerplate
  • Company bio

When writing your release, make sure that it is straight to the point. If reporters notice that you’re getting nowhere, they would rather leave, than waste their time looking for important information. State the who, what, where, when, why and how in the first paragraph.

The following paragraphs should support the facts presented in the introduction. Add more details in the succeeding paragraphs.  Make sure that you don’t give all the information about your campaign.

Your motive in writing a crowdfunding release is to announce it, and not to tell every information. Pique the interest of the readers to make them want to learn more about your outreach.

  1. Follow the inverted pyramid in formatting your story.

Journalists follow the inverted pyramid of writing a story. The rule is simple. Just present the most important information on the first paragraph followed by the less important ones.

At the start of your release, tell the readers what is your crowdfunding campaign, its duration, URL of your fundraising project, the goal of your project and the price you’re asking donors or backers.

A good tip is to think what your readers want to know about your project. State it at the beginning of the release, reported.

  1. Write it in a professional tone.

You should always present a formal tone when writing your crowdfunding release. It is more acceptable for reporters because it is the way they write a story. This means that they don’t have to do much editing on your original copy.

Second, using a formal tone creates a good impression about your brand. You make it easier for your campaign to get enough donors or backers that can include individuals, corporations, investors and foundations.

Follow the AP style of writing. Include quotes which support your claims and build credibility.

  1. Publish and promote your crowdfunding campaign.

When you have finished writing your release, it’s time to publish it in your own website and blog. It is advisable that you publish it first in your sites to make it easier for reporters and news sites to access it.

You can promote it also in your social media channels. Include a photo or a video about your campaign, then attach a link to where it is located and also a URL to your fundraising page. This gives the backers an opportunity to learn more about your project and possibly support it if your content is engaging.

Don’t forget to work with a distribution service that can publish your campaign in many sites. Pitch to relevant reporters that write crowdfunding campaigns. Following this guide can help your campaign get enough backers and reach the target fund you need for your project.